Budget 2017 Videos

Budget 2017

In this Budget, we set our minds to seize opportunities to succeed, to play a part in a caring and inclusive community, and to build, protect, and pass on a truly special home to future generations. I am confident we can do it. We have been through tougher situations. Each time, despite the naysayers, we emerged stronger and more adaptive, as we held strong together as one people.

Budget 2017: Water Price Changes

Budget 2017: Restructuring Diesel Tax

Budget 2017: Supporting Families with Living Expenses

Budget 2017: Strengthening of Community Bonds

Budget 2017: Building an Inclusive Society

Budget 2017: Deepening our People’s Capabilities

Budget 2017: Helping Firms Manage Transition

Budget 2017: Strengthening Capabilities in Our Enterprises

Budget 2017: Moving Forward Together

Budget 2017: The Future Economy – Building Agility through Capabilities and Partnership

Budget 2017: Moving Forward Together, Amidst Change

Budget 2017: Quality Living Environment for our Future

Budget 2017: A Caring and Inclusive Society

Budget 2017: A Sustainable Fiscal System for the Future

Budget 2017: Conclusion: Charting our Path Forward

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