Budget 2020 Videos

Singapore Budget 2020: Building a Strong, United Singapore

Budget 2020 is about helping Singaporeans deal with near-term challenges, and to thrive in the new decade.

  • We will help viable enterprises, and retain and retrain our workers.
  • We will support plans to position Singapore as the Global-Asia node of technology, innovation and enterprise.
  • We will support our households and ease concerns over cost of living, in addition to structural social subsidies. d) We will continue to take steps towards climate change mitigation and adaptation, for a safe and liveable Singapore.

Supporting Our Businesses

Supporting Our Workers

Remaking Singapore into a Global-Asia Node for Technology, Innovation and Enterprise

COVID-19: Singapore dedicates another S$33 billion in its 4th Budget of 2020

Singapore Budget 2020: GST to remain at 7% in 2021

Singapore Budget 2020: Estimated S$10.9 billion deficit largest since 2009 global financial crisis

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